Saved my feet and my sanity! I can’t say enough about what a great job these guys do. I’m a big dude who loves sports and happened to have been born with two of the most anatomically messed up feet around. The people here have been nothing but nice, helpful and awesome in helping me deal with my plantar fasciitis. They made me a pair of the best custom orthotics I’ve ever used. And, this is what really sets them apart, they have repaired, altered and fixed them probably 10 times in the two years since I purchased them – for free! I get the feeling that they really, really care about my foot health. Chris especially knows more about feet and foot problems than most of the podiatrists I’ve seen in my life and he’s always happy to educate me. I referred a tennis buddy of mine, who also suffered from PF, to them and the orthotics they built for him cleared up all his foot pain within a month. If you have any foot issues stop by Fritzy Feet.
Aaron G.
This is “the” shoe store in Denver! Fritzy Feet has one of the best staff you can find in Denver for all your foot’s needs. They sat me down, offered me something to drink, ask multiple questions about my aliments/to my life style, fitter me with proper inner support plus the shoes to matches my needs in life. I will send anyone that needs good shoes and help with problem feet to Fritzy feet from now on. Great service is had at this store!
Shawn S.
I am training for my third marathon and have bought the last 4 pair of running shoes from here. The staff is so knowledgeable. They know the right questions to ask to find the right fit for my high arches. I have a perfect stride thanks to the great shoes that I got here! I definitely will be a repeat customer for life!
Guila A.
We had a very good visit. A lot of footware items in this store you can’t get a big box store. Everything there from fashion footware to atheletic. Good location, and an overall nice shopping area. The inventory is large and the service wasvery good. You should check this store out.
Jim P.
Incredible service and amazing shoe collection. I will go back and happy to refer others with foot discomfort that are looking for solutions.
Nicole A.