Welcome to Fritzy Feet Shoes and Orthotics of Denver located in Lowry. Fritzy Feet is your local retail footwear and foot care provider.

For over five years, we have specialized in helping our clients restore the balance of their natural bodies through healthy feet. We carry a wide selection of fashionable, comfortable shoes and orthotics for both women and men.

We also carry the best supportive footwear, diabetic soles, compression socks, leg lifts and toe gels in the market place today. Our clients include people with planter fasciitis, bunions, hammer toes, arch collapse, neuropathy and heel pain.

The creation of arch supports and orthotics has helped millions of people and that is what we do best. We custom fit you for your personal needs so you can do the things you have done your whole life, except without the pain you may be feeling now. If you suffer from foot pain, hurting feet, arch pain, toe pain, dry feet or sore feet, stop in and let us help you with quick solutions to better foot and spine health.

At Fritzy Feet, we know that when your feet feel good, you feel good!

Medical Conditions:

There are several medical conditions that contribute to foot pain. We can help identify the correct shoes and inserts to help alleviate your pain. Learn more about common foot conditions.

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